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DOCUMENTARY EDITING PROCESS – 6 Tips Every Editor Should Know

hey guys my name is Mark and I just want to preface this video with the fact that it is a video about editing I do work as an editor in the broadcast film and television world and it’s just a critical milestone I’ve reached into my schedule that I kind of want him to share with you guys in the hopes that you can kind of get an a sense of what happens behind the scenes and post-production for film and television series and maybe there’s some information here that you could take away and apply to your own headings so without any further ado let’s get into it I got my free copy Eddie is Groundhog Day [Music] totally not how I wanted this day to start knocked the desk with the chair camera fell over I caught the camera and save for the camera in the lens but I I lost my coffee in the process holy crap that was close that was a bit more dramatic of a morning than I planned but it’s okay little spilled coffee nothing not broken more importantly the camera was saved I don’t know how I did that how did I do this yeah and it went back to the topic at hand rough cut day and why it’s such a big deal for me and I guess the better appreciated let me kind of take you through the last four weeks that got us here now the rough cut is the first cut many people who worked on the film or who finance a film will see so it’s important to showcase it in as polished as state as possible so here are five tips that I follow when preparing my rough cut for review now fundamentally editors are storytellers and storytelling is a very refined craft and it is something that you will constantly be refining throughout the process of your end and of course your storytelling should be as sharp as possible for the rough cut and weak one for me is always a bit tricky I mean I’ve been doing this for 15 years and week 1 on any end it doesn’t matter what show am on I’ve always feel like I’m like all my very first edit on my very first show ever it’s unbelievable how that happens and it probably has everything to do with the fact that I don’t know that footage part of like knowing how to do this job effectively is to know the footage the week one is kind of the beginning of that it’s a little bit daunting the good news is that there is a script for this show so this week is really just about getting the story right on a fundamental level because a good first week sets the stage for week two music is an integral part of almost any minute it’s also one of the first things that can ruin the flow of the narrative now because of this I always build the music in my edits at an early stage it’s important that music complement both the narrative and the tone of the scene and doing this early on really elevates the storytelling and I have an entire show to essentially score so I take existing compose music and I apply it to the Edit it’s sort of like being a pseudo hans zimmer except for you’re not writing and recording music we’re using compose music to elevate the drama to a new level the music is a big deal and almost any show you work on now the show uses some pretty great VFX elements but up until week three we really just have them slated in our edit and have storyboard drawings to kind of get a sense of the action now these animatics which are animated versions of the action just kind of low-res come this week and let me tell you they completely change the Edit now part of creating a really good rough cut is creating a compelling sound design now sound design creates ambience and can really capture the atmosphere of a scene especially in action type scenes now if you’re working with VFX elements that aren’t final a good sound design will really help sell the action and serve as a great template the VFX scenes now as an editor you need to combine tons of different elements that need to work in perfect harmony if the pacing of the narrative music or action is off the flow will be destroyed and can be a very difficult viewing experience and week 4 is actually a lot of fun it’s basically the next few days really perfecting the Edit as much as we can and that’s going through the DRAM and making sure I have the right takes going through the music and make sure I have the right cues at the right time and going through and doing a really dense audio mix especially for those like air-lock they’re playing crashes the really dramatic moments in scene you really want good sound design to be punctuated that so it’s important to find the natural rhythm of the narrative and to make sure that that rhythm is present in your cut now filmmaking is a collaborative effort and as an editor you’ll probably have some good ideas being as intimate with the footage as you are so don’t be afraid to pitch your own ideas or insert your own personal touch into the Edit it’s important to remember that editing is an artistic craft as much as it is a technical one and a good editor can really elevate the film now the rough cut is a huge amount of work it’s definitely not easy but the work you put in in the front end should hopefully pay off in the back end give you a little bit more time to kind of work your magic and produce the best show possible so those are my tips and tricks I hope you guys found them useful give you some insight into the world of film and television editing I hope you enjoyed it I hope you found it informative hit that like button if you did and if you want to see more consider subscribing post videos every week I’ll see you guys next time you

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